About Us

Northern Precision is an industry leading manufacturer.  Our many years of expertise allowed us to accumulate machining strategies that produce exceptional results with reduced costs.  We combine modern machinery with advanced computers to daily provide our customers with high quality machined parts that conform to aerospace standards (ASM9100D).  This dedication to excellence insures that our customer’s needs are paramount.

Our Approach

Northern Precision’s approach to manufacturing is designed to provide excellent customer experiences.  This is achieved by following defined manufacturing procedures that provide the ability to constantly monitor and measure production quality and dimensional accuracy.

This standardized production system monitors quality and confirms required delivery.  It verifies the customer supplied information.  It constantly monitors machine load time and manufacturing goals.  The necessary production documentation and programming are created on a timely basis.  Tooling and material are closely monitored to insure availability.

We constantly monitor and measure all elements of production to insure timely delivery of quality machined products to our customers.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with the products they need; and ensure our ability to continue to meet manufacturing challenges daily, focusing on processes and product.

To accomplish this, our employees are continually striving to improve our ability to manufacture and deliver quality machined parts.  We encourage employees to focus on improvements to the production process.

Northern Precision has created a culture of improvement and innovation.  This is necessary to stay relevant in the modern manufacturing industry.  Complex new parts are being designed.  Solving the manufacturing problems these parts present demands the creation of new processes or the improvement old ones.  This is where we excel.

Northern Precision strive to manufacture quality machined parts, timely delivered.

Our Company

Our most valuable resource is our people.  Their daily commitment to established manufacturing practices coupled with a strong desire to consistently improve our production abilities results in a company that provides solutions that meet our customer’s demands.

We strive to create a culture that fosters learning and team work.  Each project is approached with an openness that provides employees the opportunity for their input of ideas to improve on the methods or approaches to the machining process.  This often results in increased speed of manufacturing and a reduction of cost.  All employees take ownership of the manufacturing process.  Together we succeed as a team.

Northern Precision employees are dedicated veterans of the machining industry.  Our deep talent base is dedicated to total quality and timely delivery of complex machining products.

Why Choose Us

We cannot exist without customers.  For this reason we strive every day to exceed your expectations.  This is done through many difference avenues.

The procedures used in our manufacturing facility produces precision machined parts that comply with the quality and dimensional requirements specified.  The monitoring of all critical processes both in manufacturing and administrative activities enhance our ability to deliver what was ordered at the specified delivery date.

Attention to detail is critical.  We take on challenging projects that many companies avoid.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to consistently machine difficult parts while holding tight tolerances.  Delivery of high tolerance complex parts is accomplished daily.

Our production engineers are available to suggest design changes to make the manufacturing of your parts more efficient.  Changes in part geometry or material can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of the component.  We look forward to collaboration with your engineers.

Northern Precision provides the above services and many more to compete for your business.  Exceeding customer expectations is a great concern.  We daily review our procedures in hopes of providing a sourcing experience that will bring you back to us again and again.

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